Physiology BSc Nursing 1st Year Notes PDF Free Download- 2024

Among the all subjects in BSc Nursing 1st Year physiology is one of the important subjects. Physiology BSc Nursing 1st year notes are freely available in PDF format from this article and this article is helpful for First Year BSc students.

This post has been created to keep in mind BSc fresher students. These Physiology notes are prepared followed by the INC Provided syllabus.

In these Psychology Notes, we have covered all the important topics through their PDF download link so that students can easily download all the notes without wasting any time.

Here we have not provided only the best quality Notes but also given B.Sc nursing 1st Year physiology syllabus PDF. These PDF notes are not only for BSc 1st Year students but also helpful for GNM 1st Year Students.

Physiology BSc Nursing 1st Year Notes PDF Free Download
Physiology BSc Nursing 1st Year Notes PDF Free Download

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Topicwise Download Physiology BSc Nursing 1st Year Notes PDF

This physiology bsc nursing first-year notes are prepared to follow the Indian Nursing Council syllabus. So, these notes will be very helpful for the bsc nursing freshers students who have recently taken admission on bsc nursing.

This short description helps students to find out their needs even students can easily download this notes pdf from the below download sections.

Unit-I BSc Nursing 1st Year Physiology Notes

Cell Physiology

⁕ Tissue formation and repair
⁕ Membrane & glands
⁕ Application and implication in nursing.
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Unit-II BSc Nursing 1st Year Physiology Notes

Skeletal System

Growth and Formation of Bones
cartilages and tendon
Movement of joints
Classification of Joints and Bones
Appendicular and Axial Skeleton
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Unit-III BSc Nursing 1st Year Physiology Notes

Muscular System

Muscle movements
Muscle tones
Physiology of muscle contraction
Application and implications in nursing
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Unit-IV BSc Nursing 1st Year Physiology Notes

Nervous System

Function Of Neuroglia & neurons
Stimulus & nerve- impulse- definitions & mechanism
Cerebrospinal fluid composition, circulation and function.
Functions of the brain, spinal cord, cranial & spinal nerves
Reflex arc, Reflex action and reflexes
Automatic functions Pain: somatic, Automatic learning and biofeedback; visceral & referred.
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Unit-V Physiology BSc Nursing 1st Year Notes PDF

Circulatory System

Blood formation, composition, blood groups, blood coagulation
Hemoglobin: Structure, estimation, Synthesis and breakdown, Variation of molecules.
Functions of Heart, circulation- Principles, Control, and Conduction, Cardiac cycle, factors influencing BP and Pulse
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Unit-VI BSc Nursing 1st Year Physiology Notes

The Respiratory System

Functions of respiratory organs
Physiology of respiration
Pulmonary ventilation and Volume
Mechanics of respiration
Gaseous exchange in lungs
Carriage of oxygen & carbon-dioxide
Exchange of gases in tissues
Regulation of respiration
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Unit-VII BSc Nursing 1st Year Physiology Notes

The Digestive System

Functions of organs of the digestive tract; Digestion in mouth, stomach, small intestines, Large intestines, Absorption of food, Movements of the alimentary tract. Functions of the gall bladder, liver, & pancreas; Metabolism of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.
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Unit-VIII Physiology BSc Nursing 1st Year Notes PDF

The Excretory System

Functions of kidneys, urethra, ureters & urinary bladder
Composition of urine
Mechanism of urine formation
Functions of skin
Regulation of body temperature
Fluid and electrolyte balance
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Unit-IX Physiology BSc Nursing 1st Year Notes PDF

The Sensory Organs

Functions of ear, nose, tongue, skin, eye; Alterations in disease; Applications & implications in nursing.
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Unit-X BSc Nursing 1st Year Physiology Notes

The Endocrine Glands

Functions of the Pituitary, thymus, Thyroid, pineal body, parathyroid, Suprarenal, pancreas, Placenta, ovaries & Testes
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Unit-XI Physiology BSc Nursing 1st Year Notes PDF

The Reproductive System

Reproduction of cells – DNA, Mitosis & Meiosis, spermatogenesis, oogenesis.
Functions of female reproductive organs; Female sexual cycle, Functions breast.
Introduction to embryology
Functions of male reproductive organs, Male function in reproduction & Male fertility system.
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Unit-XII BSc Nursing 1st Year Physiology Notes

Lymphatic & Immunological System

Circulation of lymph; Types of Immune response, Antigens, Cytokines, Antibodies; Immunity- Formation of T-cells and B cells.
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Which is Easy B.Sc Nursing Physiology Book?

The most useful book for Physiology in BSc nursing first year is written by Guyton, Ganong, and Costanzo author. These books are written in easy language. Among these Physiology BSc Nursing 1st-year books, Guyton is best for understanding.


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