Sociology Notes PDF Download Free For GNM 1st Year Students

Sociology Notes are essential for the gnm 1st Year Students. These Notes are made according to the Indian Nursing Council (INC) syllabus so, you can take full advantage of these notes in your exams.

Also, these Sociology 1st Year Notes will help you to understand the complex topics of Sociology in easy language.

We try to provide the best GNM first Year full notes that will all be freely available on our website Here we have not provided only the Sociology notes PDF; we have also offered Best GNM Nursing 1st Year Notes.

Download the Sociology notes pdf start your educational journey and make your career glorious.

Sociology Notes
Sociology Notes PDF Download Free For GNM Students

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Topic-wise Sociology Notes Pdf Download For GNM Nursing 1st Year

GNM Nursing Sociology notes are available in simple language and these notes are available in pdf format for free to read and download at Nursingsathi. Sociology gnm 1st year notes pdf unit 1 are described below.

Download this note pdf just click on the given download URL. This sociology notes pdf covers all the topics according to the units. This overview helps students find out unit-wise notes.

Unit-I GNM Nursing 1st Year Sociology PDF


Definition of the Sociology, Scope of the Sociology, Its Relationship With the Other Social Sciences, Use of the Sociology for the Nurses
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Unit-II GNM Nursing 1st Year Sociology PDF


The Review of Human Growth and its Development, The Process of Socialization, The Effect of Environment on the Human Growth & its Development, The Responsibility and rights of the Individual in the Democratic Society
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Unit-III GNM Nursing 1st Year Sociology PDF

The Family

Definition, Types and Characteristics of the Family, The Basic Needs of the Family and the Family Cycle, the importance of Interdependence of the Family Members, Types of the Marriage, medical, the Sociology aspects of the Marriage.
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Unit-IV GNM Nursing 1st Year Sociology PDF


Definition and Meaning of the Society, Types and Structure of Social groups, Social groups- intergroup Relationship with group Cycle, Group Morale and the Behavior of the Social groups,
The Meaning of the Social Change, Social change – Effect on the Society & the institution leading to social problems, Social control, and Social stratification, The Social Problems include- Crime, Divorce, Juvenile Delinquency, Over Population, Dowry System, Drug addiction alcoholism, Prostitution, Over Population, Slum and Handicapped, The Social Agencies, and Remedial Measures.
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Unit-V GNM Nursing 1st Year Sociology PDF

The Community

Definition of the Community, Types of the Community, The Rural and the Urban Community, Culture and Characteristics of the Communication.
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What is Sociology Nursing?

Sociology is the study of human behaviour. From its definition, any nursing student can interpret sociology as their calling card when managing patients. Nurses get a lot of human interaction and this is a way to determine human behaviour.

Is Sociology Good for Nursing?

Yes, sociology is good for nurses, it teaches nurses to relate to their patients, co-workers, & the doctors the nurse will be working with. It will give the nurses knowledge on how to deal with patients.


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