Fundamentals of Nursing PDF Notes Free Download For 1st Year

Download fundamentals of nursing pdf notes free for the gnm nursing 1st year students. These notes are made according to the syllabus.

So, you can gain better scores on the exams. Many sites are available on Google, But Nursing Sathi is the best way to achieve good study materials for your exam.

Download the Fundamentals of Nursing Gnm 1st year Notes PDF and make your future glorious.

Fundamentals of Nursing PDF Notes
Fundamentals of Nursing PDF Notes Free Download For 1st Year

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Download Topic-wise Fundamentals of Nursing PDF Notes

This short description helps students to find out the topics that they need. Students can easily download all the units just by clicking on the below URL.

Introduction to Nursing

This PDF Note Includes the following topics.

Definition, concepts, meaning, Scope & function of nursing, history of nursing in India, nursing as the profession, nursing professional, ethics in the nursing roles and the responsibilities of a nurse, the health care agencies, The types and the function of the hospital’s health team, Modern approaches to the nursing care, including the holistic nursing care, Health & Disease
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Nursing care of the patient

This PDF Note Includes the following topics.

Patient Environment in the hospital, Therapeutic environment, Patient’s Adjustments to the Hospitals- Effect of hospitalization on patient and the family, Admission, transfer & discharge procedures, The Basic Nursing Skills- Communication, recording & reporting, Nursing interview; Nursing Process- Meaning and the importance, Nursing care plans
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Meeting the Basic Needs of a Patient

This PDF Note Includes the following topics.

Physical needs- comfort, sleep, rest & exercise, body mechanics, comfort devices, beds & bed makings; hygienic needs- personal and environmental hygiene, Care of nose, Ears, Eyes, Feet, skin, hair, mouth; Elimination needs- Health & the sickness, Nurse’s role in the meeting elimination need, Preparation and giving of enemas, suppositories, laxative, flatus tube, and the bowel wash; Nutritional needs- diet in the health & disease, Modification of diet in the illness; Psychological and spiritual needs, Care of terminally ill and the dying patient,
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Assessment of the patients

This PDF Note Includes the following topics.

Physical Assessment- principles, Importance, methods of the assessment, height, weight, posture, head to the toe examination; Physiological Assessment- Vital signs, Characteristics, normal, abnormal & the factors influencing variations, Observation and collection of the specimens-urine, vomitus, stool, & sputum; Psychological Assessment- Intelligence, Mood, Emotions Normal & the Abnormal behaviour
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Infection control

This PDF Note Includes the following topics.

Infection control- Nature of the infection, Chain of the infection transmission, defence against infection, hospital-acquired infection; Concept of asepsis- medical & surgical asepsis, Isolation precautions, hand washing; bio-medical waste management, Importance, types of the hospital wastes, Segregation & transportation, disposal.
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Therapeutic Nursing Care

This PDF Note Includes the following topics.

Care of patients with respiratory problems/dyspnea- O2 inhalation, dry & moist inhalation, Oro nasal suctioning; Care of patient with altered body temperature, patients with fluid & electrolyte imbalance, unconscious patients, patients with pain, patients with body elimination deviation.
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Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology

This PDF Note Includes the following topics.

Administration of medication, General Principles/Considerations, Oral drug administration, buccal oral sublingual; Parental, Routes of parental therapies; advanced techniques; Topical administration, Direct application, Insertion of drug into body cavities, Inhalations, Recording and reporting of the medications administered.
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How many chapters are in the Foundations of Nursing?

Fundamentals of Nursing has 7 chapters, these are –
1. Introduction to Nursing
2. Nursing care of the patient
3. Meeting the Basic Needs of patients
4. Assessment of patient/client
5. Infection control
6. Therapeutic Nursing Care
7. Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology

What is the foundations of nursing?

It aims to help students acquire knowledge, understanding and skills in nursing techniques and practice in a supervised clinical setting

Why are Fundamentals of Nursing Important?

The course highlights the significance of the fundamental needs of humans and competence in fundamental skills as essential to providing extensive nursing care.


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