Environmental Hygiene Notes PDF Free For GNM 1st Year- 2024

Environmental hygiene notes pdf is completely free for fresher students. These notes are made according to the INC syllabus.

This note is very important from the fresher’s point of view, Freshers do not know what is the syllabus of environmental hygiene and how many chapters in the gnm 1st year.

After carefully reading this gnm environmental 1st-year syllabus students will understand all topics in the gnm 1st-year then they need PDF notes for study. But don’t worry we have already provided the hygiene notes pdf.

Environmental Hygiene Notes Pdf
Environmental Hygiene Notes PDF Free For GNM 1st Year- 2024

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Topic-Wise Download Environmental Hygiene Notes Pdf For GNM Nursing First-Year Students

Environmental hygiene is an essential subject in the GNM nursing 1st Year syllabus. Here we mentioned all the topics that help students in their preparation & also provided separate topic notes below.

Unit-I Environmental Hygiene Notes

From this chapter, students achieve the basic knowledge of hygiene products, definitions, components of environments, and concepts of healthy environments.

Introduction to hygiene

Component of the environment, the importance of a healthy environment
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Unit-II Environmentals Hygiene Notes

Environmental Factors Contributing to Health

Water– Characteristics and the sources of safe and wholesome water, Use of water, The Rain-water harvesting, Natural Water pollution, Waterborne disease, Water Purification- large scale and small scale, Acquired impurities Water pollution.
Air– Composition of the air, The air population and its effect on health, Controls of air population, Airborne disease, Uses of safety Measurement.
Waste– Refuse –sewage, excreta, and the garbage, Health hazards; Waste management- Collection of the waste, transportation & disposal of the waste.
Housing types, Location, Characteristics of good housing, Basic amenities, and Town Planning. Ventilation– Standard & type of ventilation.
Lighting– Good lighting requirements, natural and artificial lighting, and uses of solar energy. Noise– Sources of Noise, Community of Noise level, Noise controls measure, Effect of the noise pollution
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Unit-III Environmentals Hygiene Notes

Community Organizations to Promote Environmental Health

Types & Levels of agencies- Local, State and National, Government voluntary, Social agencies; Acts regulation & legislations of the environmental hygiene
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What is environmentals hygiene?

Practical prevention and control measures are used to improve the basic environmental conditions that affect human health, an example, human and animal waste disposal, provision of healthy housing, protection of food from contamination, and clean water supply, All these are concerned with the quality of the human environment.

What are the five environmental hygiene?

Clean air, sanitation, climate, adequate water, and hygiene, safe use of chemicals, sound agricultural practices, healthy and safe workplaces, protection from radiation, health-supportive cities & built environments, and preserved nature are all prerequisites for good health.

What is the role of environmental sanitation and health?

Environmental sanitation envisages the promotion of the health of the community by providing a clean environment and breaking the cycle of disease.


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