Anatomy and Physiology PDF Notes Free For GNM 1st Year- 2024

These gnm nursing 1st year anatomy and physiology pdf notes will help you to understand the complex topics of anatomy & physiology.

Some of the students are searching for human anatomy and physiology notes in English. But on the internet, all the HAP notes regarding gnm nursing are not available together.

This note is written in simple language and offered in PDF format. GNM Bioscience notes are prepared according to the INC syllabus and another major university syllabus.

Anatomy and Physiology PDF Notes
Anatomy and Physiology PDF Notes Free For GNM 1st Year- 2024

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Topic-wise Anatomy and Physiology PDF Notes GNM Nursing 1st Year

Below every unit provides a short description. This hap note is beneficial for all Nursing students.


Introduction to Anatomical Term

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Introduction to the Structure of the Body

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Blood Pdf Notes

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The Circulatory System

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The Lymphatic System

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The Respiratory System

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The Digestive System

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The Excretory System

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The Endocrine System

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The Reproductive System

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The Nervous System

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The Sense Organs

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The Skeleton System

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The Muscular System

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What are human anatomy and physiology notes?

Anatomy & Physiology clear basic concepts of the human body. anatomy means the relationship between the body parts & structure, And Physiology means the study of the functions of all body parts.

What are the 12 systems of the body?

1. Skeletal System.
2. Muscular System.
3. Respiratory System.
4. Nervous System.
5. Lymphatic System.
6. Cardiovascular System.
7. Circulatory System.
8. Endocrine System.
9. Digestive System
10. Integumentary System.
11. Urinary System.
12. Reproductive System.

What is the best study time?

a study has no time limit some students like to study during the day some at night or some in the morning. according to the sciences, the best study time is 4 to 6 am because at that time nature is very peaceful so the brain can concentrate on its study.

What is the study of physiology?

The Study of Physiology is animal (including human) function and can be investigated at the levels of tissues, organ systems, cells & the whole body. Physiology aims to explain the fundamental mechanism that operates in living organisms and how they interact.

What is the First Topic in Anatomy & Physiology?

The first perspective is medical/biochemical. The whole body is subdivided into organ systems like the skeleton, respiratory, cardiovascular, muscular, digestive, circulatory, etc.

What are the 5 branches of anatomy?

Branches of anatomy Gross anatomy:- the systemic Study or region-wise study of human organs and body parts. Gross anatomy encloses cadaveric anatomy and osteology.
1. Histology /Microscopic anatomy.
2. Cell biology (Cytology) & cytogenetics.
3. Surface anatomy.
4. Radiological anatomy.
5. Embryology/Developmental anatomy


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