BSc Nursing 3rd Year Child Health Nursing Notes Free Download

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Child Health Nursing Notes
BSc Nursing 3rd Year Child Health Nursing Notes Free Download

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Introduction To CHN

Modern concepts of childcare- Internationally accepted rights of the Child; National policy & legislation about child health and welfare; National programmes related to child health and
Agencies related to welfare services to the children; Changing trends in hospital care, preventive, promotive & curative aspects of child health; Child morbidity and mortality rates;

Differences between an adult and child; Hospital environment for a sick child; Impact of hospitalization on the child and family; The role of a Child health nurse in caring for a hospitalised child; Child health nursing procedures.
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The Healthy Child Notes

Principles of growth and development; Growth and development from birth to adolescence; The needs of normal children through the stages of developmental and parental guidance; Factors affecting growth & development;

Nutritional needs of children & infants: breast-feeding, exclusive breastfeeding supplementary/artificial feeding and weaning; Baby friendly hospital concept;

Accidents: causes and prevention; Preventive immunization, immunization programme and cold chain; Value of play and selection of play material; Preventive paediatrics;
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Nursing care of a neonate

Nursing care of a normal newborn/Essential newborn care; Neonatal resuscitation; Nursing management of a low birth weight baby; Kangaroo mother care;

Nursing management of common neonatal disorders; Identification & nursing management of common congenital malformations; Organization of the neonatal unit.
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Integrated management of neonatal and childhood illnesses (IMNCI)

Integrated management of neonatal and childhood illnesses (IMNCI)
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Nursing management in common childhood diseases

Respiratory disorders and infections; Gastrointestinal infections, infestations and congenital disorders; and Nutritional deficiency disorders;

Cardiovascular problem: congenital defects and rheumatic fever, rheumatic heart disease; Genitor-urinary disorders: acute glomerular nephritis, Nephrotic syndrome, Wilms’ tumour, infection and congenital disorders;

Neurological infections and disorders: convulsions, epilepsy, meningitis, hydrocephalus, spina-bifida; Hematological disorders: Anemias, thalassemia, ITP, Leukemia, haemophilia; Endocrine disorders: Juvenile Diabetes Mellitus;

Orthopaedic disorders: club feet, hip dislocation and fracture; Disorders of skin, eye, & ears; Common communicable diseases in children, their identification, nursing management in hospital and
home and prevent; Child health emergencies: poisoning, foreign bodies.
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Management of behavioural & social problems in children

Management of common behavioural disorders; Management of common psychiatric problems; Management of challenged children: Mentally, Physically, & socially challenged; Welfare services for challenged children in India; Child guidance clinic
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