BSc Nursing 2nd Year Pathology Notes PDF Free Download

BSc Nursing 2nd Year pathology notes pdf download completely free. Don’t worry this pathology notes pdf is made according to the syllabus so, you can take full advantage of the notes in your exam.

Also, this bsc nursing 2nd Year notes will help you to understand the complex topics of Pathology in easy language. So you can better understand the topics and get a good score on your exam.

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To carry good marks in exams, it is essential to read the pathology bsc nursing 2nd Year syllabus carefully. This syllabus provides an overview of all the chapters on pathology.

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Pathology Notes PDF
BSc Nursing 2nd Pathology Notes PDF Free Download

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BSc Nursing 2nd Year Notes PDF Free Download

Unit-Wise Download Bsc Nursing 2nd Year Pathology Notes PDF

BSc Nursing 2nd Year pathology e-notes are available in simple language and these notes are available in PDF format to read and download. Pathology bsc 2nd Year notes pdf unit 1 below. This short overview helps students find out unit-wise notes.

Unit-I BSc Nursing 2nd Year Pathology Notes PDF

Introduction to Pathology

Importance of the study of pathology, the definition of terms, methods and techniques, cellular and tissue changes, infiltration and regeneration, inflammations and infections, wound healing, vascular changes- cellular growth, neoplasms; normal and Cancer cell, benign and malignant growths, in situ carcinoma- disturbances of fluid and electrolyte imbalance.
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Unit-II BSc Nursing 2nd Year Pathology Notes PDF

The Special Pathology & Cardio-Vascular System

Pathological changes in disease conditions of various systems- respiratory tract; Tuberculosis, bronchitis, pleural effusion and pneumonia; Lung abscess, emphysema, bronchiectasis; Bronchial asthma, Chronic obstructive Pulmonary disease and tumours; Pericardial effusion; rheumatic heart disease, infective endocarditis, atherosclerosis, ischemia, infarction & aneurysm; Gastro Intestinal Tract; Liver, Gall bladder & pancreas; kidneys & urinary tract; Male genital systems; female genital system; cancer Breast; central Nervous system; Metastatic tumour, Skeletal system, Arthritis & tumours
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Unit-III BSc Nursing 2nd Year Pathology Notes PDF

Clinical Pathology

Various blood and bone marrow tests in assessment and monitoring of disease conditions- Hemoglobin, RBC, White cell & platelet counts, Bleeding time, clotting time and prothrombin time, Blood grouping and cross matching, Blood chemistry, Blood culture, serological and immunological tests, other blood tests, the examination of Bone marrow, Methods of collection of blood specimen for various clinical pathology, biochemistry, microbiology tests, inference and average values.
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Unit-IV BSc Nursing 2nd Year Pathology Notes PDF

Examination of The Body Cavity Fluid, Exudates & Transudates

The laboratory tests used in CSF analysis; Examine other body cavity fluids, transudates & exudates- sputum, wound discharge etc. Analysis of gastric and duodenal contents; Analysis of the semen-sperm count, motility & morphology and their importance in infertility; Methods of collection of CSF and other cavities fluids specimens for various clinical pathology, microbiology tests, inference and normals values.
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Unit-V BSc Nursing 2nd Year Pathology PDF

Urine and Faeces

Urine- Physical characteristics, Analysis, Culture and sensitivity; Faeces- Characteristics, Stool examination: occult blood, ova, parasite and cyst, reducing substance etc. inference and normals value, method of collections for various tests.
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