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Nutrition Notes Pdf
Easy To Download GNM 1st Year Nutrition Notes PDF- 2024

This course is designed to help the students to gain knowledge & also help to understand the basic concept of Nutrition and its importance. Also, Know about the Syllabus of Nutrition GNM 1st Year.

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Unit-I GNM 1st Year Nutrition Notes PDF


This PDF Note is included in the following topics.

Meaning of nutrition, food and nutrients, food habits and the customs, the factors affecting nutrition, Changing concepts in nutrition and foods, the relation of nutrition to health
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Unit-II GNM 1st Year Nutrition Notes PDF

Classification of food

Classification by origin- food of plants origin, food & animals origin, Classification by the chemical composition and sources- proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, water, vitamins; Classification by the predominant functions;
Classification by nutritive value- Cereals & the millets, pulses & legumes, vegetables, fruits, fats & oils, animal food, nuts & oilseeds, condiments & spices, miscellaneous foods, sugar and jaggery
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Unit-III GNM 1st Year Nutrition Notes PDF

Normal Dietary Requirements

Energy: Determination and factors affecting- body mass Index, basal metabolic rate; Balanced Diets- the nutritional value of food, the calculation for the different categories of people, the normal food requirements calculation, Menu plan, the combination of the foods effects and enhances the nutritional value of the diet;
Budgeting for foods, low-cost meals and food substitutes; Diseases and disorders are caused by the imbalance of nutrients; Food allergy -Types, causes, lactose and protein intolerance, diet modifications in glutenin etc; Food intolerance inborn error of the metabolism.
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Unit-IV GNM 1st Year Nutrition Notes PDF

Food Preparation, Preservation & Storage

Principles of the cooking; methods of the cooking; the effect of cooking on foods & the various Nutrients; safe food handling; the health of food handlers; Methods of food preservation- household, precautions, commercial;
Food storage: –Cooke and raw, household and commercials, ill-effects of poorly stored foods; foods adulteration and acts related to it.
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Unit-V GNM 1st Year Nutrition Notes PDF

Therapeutic Diet

Diet modifications to the surgical and medical conditions of the individual such as Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM); Diabetes, gouts, cardio-vascular disease, Renal &hepatitis;
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); Obesity, partial gastrectomy, cholecystectomy and gastrostomy; bariatric surgery and colostomy etc;
Special diet:- Low sodium diet, fat-free diet, diabetic diet, a bland diet, high protein diet, low protein diet, a low-calorie diet, Geriatric diet, Iron-rich diet, A liquid diet, and a semi-solid diet. Soft diet and the high fibre dietetic;
Factors affecting diet acceptance. feeding to the helpless patients, & Health education on nutrition needs. and the methods of diet modification.
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Unit-VI GNM 1st Year Nutrition Notes PDF

Community Nutrition

Nutritional problems & the programs in India; commercially prepared, food hygiene and the grown food available locally;
Community food supply, National & international food agencies:- The Central Food Training Research Institute (CFTRI), Food Safety and Standard Authority of India, Food & the agriculture organization (FAO), National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), CARE (Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere)
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Unit-VII GNM 1st Year Nutrition Notes PDF

Preparation of diet / practical

Beverages:- hot and cold, juice, shakes, soups, lassi, barley water; Egg preparation:- egg, flip, scramble, omlet, poached egg; Light diet:- Porridge, gruel, khichari, dahlia, kanji, boiled, vegetables, salads and custards; Low-cost high nutrition diets- chikki, multigrain roti.
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What are the 7 types of Nutrition?

More than 40 different kinds of nutrients are present in food and they can be generally classified into the 7 following major groups:
1. Proteins
2. Vitamins.
3. Minerals.
4. Fats
5. Water
6. Dietary
7. Fibre.

What are the UK Nutritional guidelines based on?

The Guide to healthy meals is based on the 7 food groups and shows how much, and what you eat should have come from each of the food groups. Public Health England encourages organisations and all individuals to use the Healthy Meals Guide to make sure everyone receives a Compatible message about the balance of foods in a healthy diet.

What is the Nutrition Definition?

Nutrition refers to the nutrients that make up food and involve the processes that happen in your body after eating food, that is, the obtaining, assimilation and digestion of nutrients by the body.


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