Nursing Research and Statistics BSc 4th Year Notes Free Download

Nursing research and statistics bsc 4th year notes are very important for final year nursing students. Utilizing these notes pdf students can achieve their aims can gain good marks in their final exam.

These notes are prepared pointwise, cover all the topics mentioned in the syllabus, and are used in easy language for a better understanding of all complex parts.

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Nursing Research and Statistics BSc 4th Year Notes download units wise


Research and Research Process

Introduction and need for Nursing Research, Definition of Research & nursing research, Steps of scientific method, Characteristics of good research, Steps of Research process-overview
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Research problem/question

Identification of problem area, Problem statement, Criteria of a good research problem, Writing objectives
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Review of Literature

Location, Sources, On line search; CINHAL, COCHRANE etc, Purposes, Method of review
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Research approaches and designs

Historical, survey and experimental, Qualitive and quantitative designs
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Sampling and Data Collection

Definition of population, sample, sampling criteria, factors influencing sampling process, types of sampling techniques; Data – why, what, from, whom, when, where to collect
• Data collection methods and instruments: o Methods of data collection, o Questioning, interviewing, o Observations, record analysis and measurements, o Types of instruments, o Validity and reliability of the instrument, o Pilot study, o Data collection procedure
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Analysis of data

Compilation, Tabulation, classification, summarization, presentation, interpretation of data
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Introduction to statistics

Definition, use of statistics, scales of measurement, Frequency distribution and graphical presentation of India; Mean, Median, Mode, Standard deviation; Normal probability and tests of significance.
Co-efficient of correlation Statistical packages and its application
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Communication and Utilization of Research

• Communication of Research findings- o Verbal report, Writing research report, Writing scientific article/paper, Critical review of published research, Utilization of research findings
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This Notes pdf is made according to the syllabus of the Indian Nursing Council of India. Here you will get units-wise all notes pdf.

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