ANM 1st Year Syllabus PDF Free Download 2024

ANM is the two years diploma course. ANM 1st Year Syllabus pdf covered basic nursing education in the healthcare sectors with concepts of various important 1st Year subjects Primary Health Care Nursing- I, health promotion & child health nursing.

ANM Syllabus Inc 1st Year enables the Students to learn about the care of child health, basic first aid treatment, and health promotion.

Keeping in the mind of Hindi medium students we will provide anm 1st Year syllabus pdf in Hindi, anm course syllabus in Hindi Join Our Telegram channel, not only anm syllabus in hindi also provide anm 2nd Year book pdf,

ANM 1st Year Syllabus Pdf
ANM 1st Year Syllabus Pdf Free Download 2024

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ANM Syllabus 2024 PDF Download

From this ANM 1st Year Syllabus Pdf, you will get an exact idea about the ANM exam syllabus, subject details, subject codes, exam duration etc.

how should study ANM 1st year syllabus Pdf, this is very important to know for the students. For getting ANM syllabus 1st Year pdf Click on the below link.

Topics NamePDF Format
ANM 1st Year Syllabus PdfDownload link

ANM 1st Year Syllabus 2024 & Subjects

ANM 1st Year Syllabus Pdf 2024 is the same as the Indian nursing council (INC) provided syllabus which is also same the same as the anm syllabus in Odisha.

This year includes a total of four subjects & nine parts covered under these subjects like Nutrition, Environmental Sanitation, Mental health, First Aid and Referral, Communicable Diseases etc.

During the study period of ANM 1st Year, anm students complete many surveys, visit home and learn how to maintain documents copy etc.

Community Health Nursing ANM 1st Year Syllabus PDF

Community health nursing is included under the ANM 1st Year syllabus pdf. This ANM syllabus pdf same as the INC Provided syllabus. Here we have mentioned the best quality ANM Syllabus book list that helps achieve more knowledge as well as good marks in the exam.


Concept of Health

Health and its changing concepts, Determinants, Dimensions of health, Primary health care, definition, components, significance, application


Community Health practices

Health concepts of people and health care providers, Health behaviours, beliefs and cultural practices of community, Ethics and behaviour related to community practices, Method of home visiting.


Health problems & policies

Overview of health problems of communities in India, Participate in national health and family welfare program, Field Visits: Village, Sub center, Community health center.


Health Organization

Organization of SC, PHC, CMC and district hospital. Organization of health care, delivery system at different levels; Health agencies-International, National.


Role of health team

Team concept and Functions of the health team, Role and Responsibilities of ANM \ FHW, Code of ethics for ANM


Structure of Community

Rural community- Characteristics, changes in the village community, development, major, rural problems; Urban Community, Village: Physical structure, Administrative set up, Social groups organization, leaders, Community resources.


Dynamics of Community

Social processes- individual and process of socialisation, interaction between different social group in the village, Tradition & Custom & their influence on health, Social stratification, Family and marriage


Survey, Scope & method of Community needs assessment, community survey, participatory learning for action (PLA)


Communication Method & Media

principle, method & process of communication, inter personal relationship (IPR), Types & use of AV aids, Use of local folk disseminating health message, BCC, IEC, teaching learning process, concepts, characteristics, principles , method of teaching, roll & responsibility of ANM/health workers in BCC.



concept, principles & techniques of Counseling, identification needs & areas for counseling in the community, Role of counselor, Role of ANM/Female Health worker counselor.


Community based rehabilitation

Health Conditions needing rehabilitation, community resources available, educate individual family & community.

Health Promotion anm 1st Year Syllabus PDF

Most of the Students do not know the ANM Syllabus & subjects. ANM 1st Year syllabus Pdf 2022 includes Health promotion and under this health promotion also add four subjects like Nutrition, Human body & hygiene, environmental sanitation, and Mental health.

A. Nutrition

Nutrition is the most important subject of ANM 1st year. Anm 1st Year Syllabus Pdf download link is available on our website.


Essential Nutrients

Importance of nutrition on health and sickness; essential nutrients, function, sources & requirements; classification of foods & their nutrients value, normal requirment at different ages, balance diet for different age groups.


Nutritional problem & nutritional deficiencies

Deficience, correction, treatment & referral- protein, energy malnutrition, Vitamin & mineral deficiencies, under five nutrition, sepcial diet of individual age group.


Nutritional assessment

method of nutritional assessment of individual family, identification of local foods source their value in enriching diet.


Promotion of Nutrition

planing, special diets; principles & method of cooking, promotion of kitchen gardens, foods hygiene & safe preparation, storage & preparation

B. Human body and Hygiene

Human body and Hygiene is other important subject of ANM 1st Year Syllabus Pdf. This anm syllabus same as the inc provided syllabus.


The Human Body

Stucture, function of human body; Body system & their functions.


Hygiene of the Body

Personal & individual hygiene care of mouth, nail, skin, sexual hygiene, menstrual hygiene; care of hand & nail, hair, eye, mouth; elimination care of bowels & bladder.


Optimal Function of Human Body

Basic Human needs – sleep,rest, excersize; food eating and drinking habits, Self-actualisation, humann relation, life style & healthy habits,

C. Environmental Sanitation

Environmental Sanitation is other important subject of ANM 1st Year Syllabus Pdf. This anm syllabus same as the inc provided syllabus.


Environmental Sanitation

environment & ecology for healthy living; air, sunlight, ventilation; home environment.


Safe Water

Characteristics, sources of safe water; purification of water for drinking, disinfection of well, tube well, tank & pond; waterborne disease & prevention.


Disposal of Excreta & Waste

Methods of Excreta disposal, method of waste disposal, handling animal Excreta, hazard due to Waste.


Community Participation

Drainage & preparation of Soak pits, cleaning & maintaining of village, pond, drain, wells.

D. Mental Health

Mental health is other important subject of ANM 1st Year Syllabus Pdf. This anm syllabus same as the inc provided syllabus.


Mental Health

Body mind relationship, concepts of mental health, factor influencing mental health, development task of different age groups, different defense mechanism.



Common cause, features of individual Maladjustments; Counselling of individual, community & family.


Mental illness

Identify abnormal behaviour, types of mental illness & treatment, home Care & counselling, Refer psychiatric emergencies.


Old Age Care

Process of ageing- Physiological, physical changes; needs & problems, care of elderly at home, rehabilitation & agencies of caring elderly

Primary Health Care Nursing- I anm 1st Year Syllabus PDF

Primary health care nursing-I is another important subject of ANM 1st Year Syllabus Pdf. Here we provide anm 1st Year book pdf list with the given INC anm syllabus pdf download link.

A. Infection and Immunization

Infection & Immunization is most important subject of ANM 1st Year Syllabus Pdf. This anm syllabus same as the indian nursing council provided syllabus.


Concepts of Diseases

Defination & concepts of illness, disease causation , classification of disease.



Meaning, types, cause; characteristics & classification of micro organism; incubation period & spread of infection; factor affecting growth & destruction of microbes.


Immunity & Body Defence Mechanism

body’s defense mechanism, Immunity concept, hypersensitivity, types of immunity, vaccine;



Immunization schedule, infaction sefty, method of Administering vaccine, Immunization in community, Hazards, precautions while giving vaccine, immunizations drive program, record and report


Collection of specimen

Principle & method of collection of specimen; blood, stools, sputum, urine; Safe disposal of specimen.


Disinfection & Sterilization

Principle & method of antisepsis, method of disinfecting different equipment, method of sterilizing different equipment.


Waste Disposal

Infection & non- infection concepts, principles & method at different levels.

B. Communicable Diseases

Communicable Disease is other vital subject of ANM 1st Year Syllabus Pdf. This anm syllabus same as the INC provided syllabus.


Introduction to Communicable Diseases

Common communicable diseases-epidemiological concepts, level of prevention, control & prevention of communicable diseases; surveillance, notification, reportin.


Communicable Disease

Sign, symptoms, care & prevention of these following diseases- Diphtheria, poliomyelitis, tuberculosis, pertussis, tetanus & measles, Chicken pox, Encephalitis, Acute respiratory infection, Diarrhoeal diseases, leprosy, Worm infestations


Care in Communicable Diseases

Care of patients with communicable diseases, Isolation methods, Standard safety measures, massege for different communicable diseases.


Epidemic Management

Definition, concepts causes of epidemics, epidemic enquiry in a community, epidemic mapping.

C. Community Helath Problems

Community Health problems is another vital subject of ANM 1st Year Syllabus Pdf. This anm syllabus same as the Indian Nursing Council provided syllabus.


Care of the Sick in Community

Danger sign of illness, health assessment, identification of health problems, health education, management of health sick.



Vital Sign, Temparature maintenance and physiology of fever, types & stage, cause. Alternate system of medicine.


Respiratory Problem

common respiratory problems, types, classification, cause, sign, symptoms & treatment of respirator problem, Integrate accepted practice of AYUSH.


Aches & Aches

Cause & management of abdominal pain,tooth, ear ache, headache, joint pains, roll of ANM worker, management as per standing order and protocol.


Digestive Problems

Indigestion, Haemorrhoids, Integrate accepted practices of AYUSH, roll of amn workers in community


Urinary Problems

Sign & symptom of renal condition, Retention of urine, renal colic, edema, roll of ANM worker in community, Integrate accepted practices of AYUSH,


Cardiovascular Problems

Sign, symptoms of cardiac condition & blood related problem; hypertension & leukemia; care of cardiac patients at home, roll of ANM worker including home remedies, practices of AYUSH,


Disease of Nervous System

Sign, symptoms of neurological problem; stroke patient care at home, care of pressure points, active & passive excercise, body support to the prevent contractures, roll of ANM worker including home remedies, practices of AYUSH,


Metabolic Disease

Diabetes; Skin care, foot care; Urine testing & administration of insulin injections.


Diseases of Musculoskeletal System

Sign, symptoms of sprain, tear of ligaments and arthritis, integrate accepted practice of AYUSH.


Care of Handicap

Handicaps, counselling for prevention certain handicap, understanding the handicapped persons, halping family to ensure need base care.

D. Primary Medical Care

Primary Medicine Care is most vital subject of ANM 1st Year Syllabus Pdf. This anm syllabus same as the inc provided syllabus.


Types of Drugs

Different systems of medicine, classification of drug, form & characteristics of drugs, Administration of drugs, Calculation of dosage


Administration of Drugs

Routes of administration- Oral, parentral; Administration of drugs- Precautions, principles; Observations & recording.


Drugs used in minor ailments

Common drug for fever, cold & cough aches and pains etc, drug kit in the subcentre, content & its use, stores & care of the drugs,


Common Emergency Drugs

Methergine misoprostol injection, oxytocin, IV fluids, antibiotics, injection, &magnesium vitamins K, sulphate deriphylline, pelhecline, antirabies vaccine, anti snake venoms as per the protocol, Precautions for Administration, Storage and Care of emergency drugs

E. First Aid and Referral

First Aid & Referral is other important subject of ANM 1st Year Syllabus Pdf. This anm syllabus same as the INC provided syllabus.


Need for First Aid

Principles of first aid, mobilization of resources, first aid kid, Bandages, principles & method bandage.


Minor Injuries & ailments

Cuts & wounds, Foreign bodies, health education, roll of ANM / health workers



Skeleton system & different bones, types, Causes, signs, first aid care, method of immobilization & transportation.


Life Threatening Condition

Drowning, bleeding, Strangulation, suffocation, loss of consciousness, Cardio respiratory arrest,Convulsions, Chest injuries, Foreign bodies, Stroke, Heat stroke, Severe burn.

Child Health Nursing ANM 1st Year Syllabus PDF

ANM 1st year syllabus pdf includes a full syllabus of Child health nursing. This anm syllabus is described below with a downloadable Pdf link.


Growth & Development

introduction, factor affecting, growth & development infant & children; physical, Physiological & social development of children.


Nutrition of infants & children

Exclusive best feeding, nutritional requirements, complementary feeding, problem of feeding, breast feeding counseling, infants feeding & HIV.


Children’s Rights

Convention of the right of the children, prevention of child labour, abuse & legal protection, special care of girl child,


Care of The Sick Child

Common childhood disorders; sign, symptoms & management; vaccine for preventable disease, acute respiratory tract infaction; diarrhoea, vomiting, constipation; ear, worm, skin infection; fever, IMNCI strategy


Pare of School Children

School health, assessment of general health of school children, denial & eye problem, nutrients deficiencies, need base shareing of health information with the teachers/ parents/ children, report & record.


Care of Adolescents

Physical growth during Adolescent, Emotional & behavioural changes in girls & boys, special need of adolescent, sex education for adolescent, counselling.


Care of Adolescent Girls

Menstruation & menstrual hygiene, special nutritional needs, early marriage & its affects, adolescent girls- pregnancy & abortion, preparing for family life- premarital Counseling, the role of ANM female health workers.


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