ANM 2nd Year Syllabus PDF Completely Free, Books List- 2024

Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery or ANM is a 2 Year diploma course. ANM 2nd Year syllabus PDF deals with subjects like Midwifery, Health Centre management and Primary Health care nursing & health centre management, and Midwifery practical.

The syllabus for 2nd Year anm nursing contains a large part where experience is very important, It has 880 hours of experience training mandatory through internships.

From this anm 2nd Year Syllabus PDF, you will get an exact idea about the anm exam syllabus, anm subjects details, subject codes, exam duration etc.

anm 2nd Year Syllabus PDF
Completely Free anm 2nd Year Syllabus PDF, Books List- 2024

ANM 2nd Year Syllabus PDF Download

How should study anm 2nd Year syllabus PDF, this is very important to know for the students. To get anm 2nd Year syllabus pdf click on the below link.

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ANM 2nd Year Subjects & Syllabus

ANM 2nd Year syllabus PDF 2024 is the same as the Indian Nursing Council (INC) provided syllabus. This year includes a total of four subjects among these 2 are theory & 2 practical subjects.

Here we discuss only theory portions and practical parts you will get from anm 2nd Year syllabus pdf.



• Human Reproductive System

Female reproductive organs- function & structure, Menstrual cycle, Male reproductive organs, Process of conception


• Female Pelvis & Foetal Skull

Structure of the pelvic bones-types of the pelvis, Pelvic diameters, muscles & ligaments of the pelvic floor, Foetal skull- diameters, size, shape, moulding, skull areas, fontanelles


• Foetus and Placenta

Growth & development of foetus, foetal sac and amniotic fluid a foetal circulation change after birth; structure & function of placenta, membrane, umbilical cord, abnormalities; refer SBA module of Ministry of Health & family welfare.


• Normal Pregnancy

Signs & symptoms of pregnancy, various diagnostic tests for confirmation of pregnancy; physiological, Minor ailments changes during pregnancy,


• Antenatal Care

Registration, taking the history of a pregnant woman, physical examination, investigation, Prophylactic medication, nutrition in pregnancy, special needs, identification of high-risk cases and referral, preparation of mother for delivery.


• Normal Labour

Onset & stage of labour, physiological change. Change in uterine muscles & cervix, Lie, attitude, position, denominator and presentation of foetus, Foetal skull, Mechanisms of labour Identification of high-risk cases.


• Care During Normal Labour

History of labour, Importance of five ‘C’s, Monitoring the progress of labour with partograph preparation for delivery, Care of mother in first & second stage of labour; Assisting & conducting childbirth, oxytocin Misoprostol drugs; Delivery of placenta, Kangaroo mother care, Baby friendly hospital initiative.


• Normal Puerperium

Physiological changes during Postnatal Periods, Postnatal assessment, Minor ailments during puerperium, Care of mother rest, exercise; Prophylactic medicine, Need-based health education.


• Care of New-Born

Assessment of newborn for gestation age, abnormalities; Neonatal resuscitation, Monitoring of vital signs & birth weight, Exclusive Breast feeding, kangaroo mother care, temperature maintenance, Immunization, and Care of newborn.


• High-Risk New Born

Pre-term / Low Birth weight babies, Special needs of high-risk babies, Care at home -referral follow up, Care during asphyxia, care for thrush, cord sepsis, diarrhoea, Implementation.


• Safe Mother-Hood

Concepts & cause of Maternal mortality & morbidity, safe motherhood component- RCH & NRHM, Preventive measure, roll of ANM health workers.


• High Risk Pregnancies

Identification of risk factors, decision making & management; protocols & standing orders, counselling & guide about high-risk conditions, involvement of husband & family, roll of ANM health workers.


• Abnormalities of Pregnancy

Common abnormalities of pregnancy, anaemia of pregnant women, Eclampsia & pre-eclampsia and toxaemia of pregnancy, Obstetrical shocks, Uterine abnormalities, disease complication pregnancy, Hypertension, infection during pregnancy, Rh factor, roll of ANM health workers.


• Abortion

Types, causes of abortion, Need for safe abortion, Complications of abortion, Medical termination of pregnancy, Care of woman who had an abortion.


• Abnormal Childbirth

Common abnormalities of Childbirth, Abnormal presentations, Abnormal uterine action, Cephalo pelvic disproportion, Prolonged labour, Emergency care of the mother during transfer to hospital, Identification,

Unit- XVI

• Abnormal Puerperium

Postpartum haemorrhage, Puerperal sepsis & its management; Retention of urine, breast complications during lactation, Psychiatric complications, roll of ANM health workers.


• Surgical Intervention

Assisting in the following- Induction of labour & its management, Forceps and Vacuum extraction, Episiotomy & suturing, Craniotomy, Caesarean section, and pre & post-operative care.


• Medications used in Midwifery

Pain relieving drugs, Anaesthetic drugs, uterine contractions, For controlling bleeding, preventing postnatal infection, eclampsia; Antibiotics, IV fluids, roll of ANM health workers.


• Life Cycle Approach

Quality of life and life expectancy, People’s health throughout the life cycle, Role of education economic status, Holistic approach to life, Refer to SBA module of Ministry of Health & family welfare


• Ministry of Health & Empowerment

Status of women in society, Factors affecting status, the effect of tradition, the relationship between the status of women & women’s health, Effects of women’s health in the community, Laws related to women, Programmes for women’s empowerment.


• Women’s Health Problems

Complications related to childbirth- WF, RVF, prolapse; Cervical erosion & leucorrhoea pruritus, Cancers, Pap smear for detection of cancer cervix, Tumours, Menstrual disorders, Menopause & its implications.


• RTIs and STIs

Causes and signs & symptoms of STIs & RTIs, Syndromic approach for treatment, Referral treatment & follow up care; Information, education & Communication for prevention & treatment.



Epidemiological facts related to the spread of infection, Methods of transmission, Effect on immunity signs & symptoms; AIDS patient community support & home care, Counselling, Counselling of HIV, positive patients & pregnant women, Standard safety measures, Care continuum.


• Infertility

Classification and Causes of infertility in males and females, Investigation & treatment, Identification of couples, counselling.


• Population Education

Population trends in India, Vital statistics birth & death rates, National family Programme trends & changes RCH-I, RCH-II programme & NRHM; Target free approach for TW, Role of mass media & lEC.


• Family Welfare

Identification of eligible couples & those who need contraceptive methods, Information related to contraception & importance of choice; natural & temporary methods of contraception, Permanent methods, and counselling.

Health Center Management

Health Center Management is included under the anm 2nd Year syllabus pdf. This anm 2nd Year midwifery syllabus same as the INC-provided syllabus.


• The sub-center

Organization of functions & facilities of sub-centre, Sub-centre activity plans, Conducting a clinic, Conducting meeting & counselling sessions, Sub-centre action plan, Information, Display of massage.


• Maintenance of Stocks

Maintenance of equipment, stock, drug, indenting; calculation of indent as per population requirement, Management information & evaluation, maintenance of records, report of sub-centre.


• Co-Ordination

Inter-sectoral coordination, coordination with the school teacher, ASHA, Anganwadi workers, panchayat, Role of NGOs & coordination with gov. department.


• Importance of National Health Program

National Health Program & roll of ANM; Detection, referral, treatment & follow up of cases malaria, leprosy, blindness, goitre.


• Update knowledge

Continuing education for self-development, circulars, hand-outs, meetings, and journals; Methods of self-development, interacting with the community, Improving writing speaking abilities in local language and English.

ANM Exam Syllabus For Second Year

The auxiliary nurse training course 2nd Year Marks distribution, paper name, Paper code and course name of ANM or Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery are mentioned for the 2nd year. Each of the papers has 3 hours to complete and has 100 marks each.

PaperCourseExternal Assessment Full MarksInternal Assessment Full Marks
Theory Paper 5 Midwifery7525
Theory Paper 6Health Centre Management 7525
Practical 3Midwifery100100
Practical 4Primary health care and health centre management100100

Total marks for the second year are 600 Marks. It is divided into two Theory papers & two Practical Papers. 

ANM Syllabus Book & Author

We have selected the best anm books that help you to batter your scores in your exam. These all books are made using easy language that will clear your basic concept.

If you need Anm 2nd Year syllabus PDF, you can check out the above link or avoid this article.

Books NameAuthorPublisher
MidwiferySavita Bansal and Suriya BegumPV Publication
Health Centre Management Savita Bansal and Suriya BegumPV Publication

What is full-form ANM?

The full form of ANM nursing is Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery. ANM is a 2-year diploma course that focuses on the study of people’s healthcare.

Is ANM only for females?

No, ANM nursing is not only for females, males can also pursue this course. This course deals with the education of nurses in general health care, nursing & midwifery.


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