B.Sc Nursing 3rd Year Syllabus Pdf Free With Exam Pattern & Books

B.Sc Nursing 3rd Year Syllabus PDF covers a wide range of both theoretical & practical in the field of Nursing. This syllabus includes all the subjects like CHN, MHN, MSN, midwifery & nursing Research.

From the point of view of 3rd year BSc students this syllabus pdf helps them a lot in understanding every topic & provides complete information about the B.Sc Nursing 3rd Year Syllabus.

Those students study at University of KUHS & RGUHS for these students nursing Sathi provides b.sc nursing 3rd Year Kuhs & rguhs syllabus aslo.

B.Sc Nursing 3rd Year Syllabus Pdf
B.Sc Nursing 3rd Year Syllabus PDF Free With Exam Pattern & Books

B.Sc Nursing 3rd Year Syllabus PDF Download

From the B.Sc Nursing 3rd Year Syllabus PDF, You will get the exact idea about the syllabus of BSc nursing 3rd Year Subjects name, subject code, exam time duration, etc.

Topic NameSyllabus in PDF
B.Sc Nursing 3rd Year Syllabus PDFClick Here To Download

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BSc Nursing 3rd Year Curriculum

Medical-Surgical Nursing120+270
Child Health Nursing90+270
Mental Health Nursing90+270
Midwifery & Obstetrical Nursing45+180
Nursing Research45

Medical-Surgical Nursing-II Syllabus


Nursing management of patients with disorders of the Ear Nose, throat, neurological disorders, female reproductive system, and eye disorder, Nursing management of patients with burns, oncological conditions, reconstructive, cosmetic surgery, critical care units, Nursing care of the elderly, Emergency & disaster situations, adults including elderly with occupational and industrial disorders.

Child Health Nursing Syllabus


Introduction Modern concepts of childcare, Nursing care of the neonate, The healthy child, Integrated management of neonatal and childhood illness (IMNCI), social problems in children and nursing management in common childhood diseases.

Mental Health Nursing Syllabus


Introduction, concept, Principles, assessment of mental health Nursing, Treatment modalities and Therapeutic communication & nurse-patient relationship, therapies used in mental disorders, Nursing management of patients with Schizophrenia, patients with mood disorders, somatization disorders, neurotic, psychotic disorders, stress-related &  Personality, Sexual and eating disorders, childhood, a substance used disorders, adolescent disorders including mental deficiency, Psychiatric emergencies, crisis intervention, & organic brain disorders, legal issues in mental health nursing, Community Mental Health Nursing.

Midwifery & Obstetrical Nursing Syllabus


Introduction, Review of anatomy and physiology of female reproductive system and fetal development,  Assessment and management of pregnancy,  intra-natal period, women during the post-natal period & normal neonates

B.Sc Nursing 3rd Year Syllabus PDF Best Author & Books

The field of nursing has no specific books some topics are best in one book & some others, there are many Bsc nursing books available in the market among these books, We have selected the few best books made according to the INC syllabus.

Books NameAuthorPublications
Medical-Surgical Nursing- II SyllabusP.M. PratibhaVijayam Publications
Child Health NursingP.RajaniVijayam Publications
Mental Health NursingS. DivyaVijayam Publications
Midwifery And Obstetrical Nursing Mrs. A. Seeta DeviVijayam Publications

BSc Nursing 3rd Year Exam Pattern

Medical-Surgical Nursing- II
Child Health Nursing325+75100
Mental Health Nursing325+75100
Midwifery & Obstetrical Nursing Syllabus325+75100
Practical & Viva Voce
Child Health Nursing Practical
Medical-Surgical Nursing-II Practical50+50100
Mental Health Nursing Practical50+50100
Midwifery & Obstetrical Nursing practical50+50100

B.Sc Nursing 3rd Year Syllabus PDF of Practical

B.Sc Nursing 3rd-year practicals develop skills in managing normal & high-risk newborns & participating in family welfare programs.

Also trained students to prepare them for child care, and pregnancy & trained them to prepare them for midwifery, & obstetrical nursing.

Practical SubjectsTopics
Medical-Surgical Nursing-II PracticalENT, Ophthalmology, Burns unit, Neurology, Critical care unit, Gynecology ward, Oncology unit, Casualty/ Emergency
Child Health Nursing PracticalPediatric medicine ward & surgery ward, OPD/ Immunization room, ICU, medicine surgery.
Mental Health Nursing PracticalPsychiatric OPD, Inpatient ward, Child guidance clinic, Community psychiatry
Midwifery & Obstetrical Nursing PracticalAntenatal clinic/OPD, Labor room O.T., Newborn nursery, Post-natal ward, Family planning clinic

3rd Year B Sc Nursing Syllabus KUHS

The 3rd-year KUHS(Kerala University of Health Sciences) BSc syllabus contains all the subjects mentioned below. You can download the bsc nursing 3rd syllabus Kuhs pdf.
Part I Nursing –III
1. Medical-Surgical Nursing(Adult including Geriatrics)- II
2. Child Health Nursing
3. Mental Health Nursing
Part II Research & Statistics
1. Nursing Research & Statistics
2. Library work / Self-study
3. Co-curricular Activities

Rguhs B.SC Nursing 3rd Year Syllabus

Rguhs B.SC Nursing 3rd Year Syllabus has four theoretical & four practical subjects. These subjects are very important for the bsc nursing 3rd-year students to get good exam scores.
Theory Subject
1. Medical-Surgical Nursing- II
2. Child Health Nursing
3. Mental Health Nursing
4. Midwifery & Obstetrical Nursing Syllabus
Practical and Viva Voce
1. Child Health Nursing Practical
2. Medical-Surgical Nursing-II Practical
3. Mental Health Nursing Practical
4. Midwifery & Obstetrical Nursing practical

What is the Syllabus of B.Sc Nursing 1st Year?

All the important subjects that you need to study in the bsc nursing first year. These Subjects are-
1. Anatomy & Physiology
2. Nutrition & Biochemistry
3. Nursing Foundation
4. Microbiology
5. Introduction to Computers
6. English

What is best after BSc Nursing?

MSc is the most common & the best choice after BSc nursing. The full form of MSc nursing is Master of Science In Nursing. It is very clear for the Bsc students that go for a master’s degree after completing the graduation course. M.Sc Nursing is a healthcare-related post-graduate degree program. The program lasts two years.


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