BSc Nursing 4th Year Syllabus, Subjects, Pattern, Free PDF- 2024

Nursing is a Nobel profession that requires a lot of hard work & dedication. Students must understand the BSc Nursing 4th Year Syllabus & how to study this syllabus.

To get good marks in the 4th year bsc nursing exam, reading the updated syllabus is much more important. BSc Nursing exam chooses students of training for nurses & health visitors.

In this B.Sc syllabus, we have mentioned all the bsc nursing 4th-year subjects like Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing, Management of Nursing Services and education, and CHN- II.

BSc Nursing 4th year syllabus
BSc Nursing 4th year syllabus

B.Sc Nursing 4th Year Syllabus PDF Download

From the BSc Nursing 4th Year Syllabus PDF, You will get the exact idea about the syllabus of BSc nursing 4th Year Subjects name, subject code, exam duration, etc.

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BSc Nursing 4th Year Curriculum

SubjectTheory and lab hours
Community Health Nursing- II90+135
Nursing Research & Statistics90+135
Management of Nursing Services & Education60+135

Community Health Nursing-II Syllabus


• Introduction

Definition, scope & concept of Community Health & Community Health Nursing, Historical development of Community Health Nursing, Community Health, Pre-independence, Post-independence.


• Health Planning & Policies & Problem

National Health Planning in India – 5 Year plan, Various committees & commissions on health & family welfare, National Health Policies (1983, 2002); Central Council for health & Family Welfare (CCH & FW), Health Problems in India, National Population policy


• Delivery of Community Health Services

Planning, Budgeting & material management of SCs, PHC & CHC, Rural: Organization, staffing & functions of Rural Health Services provided by Govt. at Village, Primary Health Centre, Subcenter, Urban: Organisation; Components of Health Services, Systems of medicine and health care, Referral system.


• Community Health Nursing Approach, Concepts, Roles & Responsibilities of Nursing Personnel

Approaches – Nursing Theories and Nursing process, Problem-Solving approach, Epidemiological approach, Empowering people to care for themselves; Concepts of Primary Health Care; Home visit: concept, principles, techniques, bag technique home visit; job description of community Health Nursing personnel


Assisting individuals & Groups to Promote & Maintain their Health

Empowerment for self-care of individuals, families & groups in – 1. Assessment of self and family- Monitoring growth and development, Temperature and Blood pressure monitoring, Menstrual cycle; 2. Seek health services for Routine Checkup, Counseling, Diagnosis, and follow-ups; Maintenance of health records for self and family; Waste Management, Sensitise & handle social issues affecting health & development of self & family


• National health & family welfare programmes & the role of a nurse

  1. National ARI programme
  2. National Anti-Malaria programme
  3. National Guinea worm eradication programme
  4. Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP)
  5. National Filaria control programme
  6. National AIDS control programme
  7. STD control programme
  8. National programme for control of blindness
  9. Iodine deficiency disorder programme
  10. Expanded programme on immunization
  11. National Family Welfare Programme –Organization, administration, research, constraints & RCH Programme historical development,
  12. National water supply and sanitation programme
  13. Minimum Need programme
  14. National Diabetics control-programme
  15. Polio Eradication: Pulse Polio Programme
  16. National Cancer Control Programme
  17. Yaws Eradication Programme
  18. National Nutritional Anemia Prophylaxis Programme
  19. 20 point programme
  20. ICDS programme
  21. Mid-day meal applied nutritional programme
  22. National mental health programme


• Health Agencies International

International – WHO, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNDP, World Bank, UNESCO, FAO, DANIDA, European Commission (EC), Red Cross, USAID, Colombo Plan, ILO, CARE etc.

National – Indian Red Cross, All India women’s conference, Indian council for child welfare, Central Social Welfare Board, Family Planning Association of India (FPAI), Tuberculosis Association of India, Hindu Kusht Nivaran Sangh, Blind Association of India etc.

Nursing Research & Statistics Syllabus


• Research and Research Process

Introduction & need for Nursing Research, Definition, Steps of Research process, Steps of Scientific method, Characteristics of good research


• Research Problem / Question

Identification of problem area, Criteria of a good research problem, Problem statement, Writing objectives


• Review of Literature

Location, Sources, Online search; CINHAL, COCHRANE etc, Purposes, method of review


• Research Approaches & Designs

Historical, survey & experimental, Qualitative & quantitative designs, Lecture discussion, Explain types of research approaches used from examples of published and unpublished research studies with rationale


• Sampling and Data Collection

Definition of population, types of sampling techniques, sampling criteria, factors influencing sampling process; Data– why, what, from, whom, when, where to collect; Data collection methods and instruments: Methods of data collection, Questioning, interviewing, Data collection procedure


• Analysis of data

Compilation, Tabulation, presentation, classification, summarisation, interpretation of data, Lecture discussion


• Introduction to Statistics

Definition, use of statistics, scales of measurement; Frequency distribution and graphical presentation of India, Mean, Median, Mode, Standard deviation, Normal probability and tests of significance; Statistical packages and its application, Co-efficient of correlation


• Communication & Utilisation of Research

Critical review of published research, Writing scientific article, communication of research findings, Verbal report, Writing research report, Utilization of research findings

Management of Nursing & Education


• Introduction to Management in Nursing

Definition, concepts & theories, Functions of management, Principles of Management, Role of Nurse as a manager


• Management Process

Planning; mission, philosophy, objectives, operational plan; Staffing: Philosophy, staffing study, norms, activities, patient, classification systems, scheduling; Human resource management; Budgeting: concept, principles, audit; Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT), Bench Marking,


• Nursing Services in Hospital & Community

Planning, Human resource management, Budgeting: proposal, projecting requirements for staff, equipment and supplies for hospital and patient care units, Emergency and disaster management; Material Management; procurement, inventory control, auditing; Controlling / Evaluation, Performance appraisal


• Organisational behaviour & Human Relations

Concepts and theories of organizational behaviours, Review of Motivation; Review of Channels of communication, Leadership styles, concepts and theories, Group dynamics, Public relations in the context of nursing, Relations with professional associations & employee unions & Collective bargaining


• In-Service Education

Nature & scope of Principles of adult learning, Service education program, Organization of in-service education, techniques, Planning for in-service education program, methods & evaluation of staff education program, Preparation of report


Establishment of Nursing educational institution-INC norms and guidelines, Co-ordination with, Regulatory bodies, Structure, Committees, Faculty and staff, Selection, Recruitment, Job description, Placement, Performance appraisal, Development & Welfare


• Nursing as a Profession

Nursing as a profession- Aims & objectives, Philosophy; nursing practice, Regulatory bodies; INC, SNC Acts; Characteristics of a professional nurse, Constitution, functions, Current trends and issues in Nursing, Professional ethics; Practice standards for Nursing; Consumer Protection Act


• Professional Advancement

Continuing education, Publications; Journals, newspapers, Career opportunities, Collective bargaining, National & International, Participation in research activities, etc.

BSc Nursing 4th Year Syllabus Books & Authors

Books NameAuthorPublisher
Community Health Nursing-IIAlphonse Mary.NVijayam Publication
Nursing Research & StatisticsU.Bhanu PriyaVijayam Publication
Management of Nursing Service & EducationKavitha NarayananVijayam Publication

BSc Nursing Fourth Year Exam Pattern

Community Health Nursing-II340+100140
Nursing Research & Statistics340+100140
Management of Nursing & Education340+100140
Midwifery & obstetrical Nursing practical50+50100

BSc Nursing 4th Year Syllabus Practical

Nursing 4th-year practicals develop skills in managing normal & high-risk neonates & participating in family welfare programs. It also trained students to prepare them for pregnancy, and child care & trained them to prepare them for midwifery & obstetrical nursing.

  • Midwifery and obstetrical Nursing practical

What is Subject in BSc Nursing?

BSc Nursing is divided into the fourth parts 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year & 4th year and there are different subjects studied every year. During 1st year fresher read anatomy, physiology, nutrients, etc.
Students will read in second-year Sociology, Pharmacology, Pathology & Genetics, Medical-Surgical Nursing-I, Communication & Education Technology.

After that they are pursuing in 3rd year then they study Medical-Surgical Nursing, Child Health Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Midwifery & Obstetrical Nursing & Nursing Research.

KUHS 4th Year BSC Nursing Syllabus

KUHS B.SC Nursing 4th Year Syllabus has four theoretical & 2 practical subjects. These subjects are very important for the BSc Nursing 4th-year students to get good marks in exams.
Theoretical Subjects:
1. Obstetric & Gynaecological Nursing
2. Community Health Nursing- II
3. Nursing Education
4. Management of Nursing Service & Education
Practical & Viva
1. Obstetric & Gynaecological Nursing
2. Community Health Nursing- II


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