GNM 3rd Year Gynecological Nursing Notes PDF Free Download in 2024

GNM 3rd Year Gynecological nursing notes pdf are very helpful for gnm students. are you studying in 3rd year then you came to the right Nursing site.

Nursing Sathi is an Educational website that offers gnm 3rd Year all notes pdf free according to their units. You can easily read all these notes online and directly download these pdf files.

Gynecological Nursing is a subject of gnm final Year. So this is an essential part of all the gnm final year students to get good marks in their final exams.

Many students have till now not been well prepared for their examinations because of a shortage of enough study materials or notes.

You guys don’t worry, In this blog post, you will get unit-wise GNM 3rd Year Gynecological notes PDF that are prepared according to the Indian Nursing Council syllabus and other Universities’ syllabus.

GNM 3rd Year Gynecological Nursing Notes PDF
GNM 3rd Year Gynecological Nursing Notes PDF Free Download

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Unit Wise Download GNM 3rd Year Gynecological Nursing Notes PDF

Nursingsathi is a website specially made for nursing students that offers unit-wise nursing notes PDF and other study materials.

Only a few nursing websites that deliver unit-wise pdf Notes including, nursingenote & Among these websites, this is one of the best websites that offers all subject notes in PDF format.

Unit-I GNM 3rd Year Gynecological Nursing Notes PDF

Introduction Gynecological Nursing

Definition of the gynecological nursing, History, Examination and Investigation.
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Unit-II GNM 3rd Year Gynecological Nursing Notes PDF

Puberty Notes

Definition, developments of the sex organ in female & sexuality and dysfunctional uterine bleeding, dysmenorrhea premenstrual syndrome, disorders of cryptomenorrhea, menstruation, review of the menstrual cycle.
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Unit-III GNM 3rd Year Gynecological Nursing Notes PDF

Fertility and Infertility Notes

Definition, Investigation, artificial reproductive techniques causes-both in male and the female, management.
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Unit-IV GNM 3rd Year Gynecological Nursing Notes PDF

Pelvic Infections Notes

Vulva-vulvitis, bartholinitis; chronic infection, pelvic inflammatory disease, vagina-vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, moniliasis, metritis, salpingitis, nephritis, cervical erosions, pelvic abscess, syndromic case management, sexually transmitted diseases- syphilis, warts, gonorrhoea, HIV.
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Unit-V GNM 3rd Year Gynecological Nursing Notes

Gynaecological Disorders Notes

Retroversion, cysts & fibroids, uterine polyps, retroflexion, fistulas, uterine displacement & prolapse (procidentia), uterine malformations, tumours of the reproductive tract-benign and malignant, palliative care and rehabilitation.
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Unit-VI GNM 3rd Year Gynecological Nursing Notes

Breast Disorders notes

Review mastitis, breast abscess, tumours of the breast benign & malignant breast engorgement,
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Unit-VII GNM 3rd Year Gynecological Nursing Notes

Menopause Notes

Definition, Surgical menopause, Hormone replacement therapy, Signs &symptoms, physiological changes, Health education & counselling.
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