GNM 3rd Year Midwifery Notes PDF Free Download

Are you a gnm third Year student and searching gnm 3rd Year midwifery notes pdf then you come to the right nursing site. Nursing Sathi is an Educational website that offers gnm 3rd Year all notes pdf according to their units.

GNM final year is a very important moment for all the final year students to get good marks in their exams. However many students till now not been well prepared for the examination due to a lack of enough study materials.

You guys don’t worry here get units-wise “gnm 3rd Year midwifery notes” that are prepared according to the Indian Nursing Council syllabus and other universities’ syllabus.

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GNM 3rd Year Midwifery Notes PDF
GNM 3rd Year Midwifery Notes PDF Free Download

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Unit wise Download GNM 3rd Year Midwifery Notes PDF

Nursingsathi is an educational website that offers nursing notes pdf according to the units and other study materials followed by the syllabus of the Indian Nursing Council.

Unit-I GNM 3rd Year Midwifery Notes PDF


Definition of midwifery and obstetrical nursing, Trends of maternity services in India, The Vital statistics related to maternal health in India Scope of midwifery, History of midwifery, • Basic competencies of a midwife.
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Unit-II GNM 3rd Year Midwifery Notes PDF

Reproductive System

Review of structure and the function of the female reproductive system.
Female pelvis-Types, structure, and diameter.
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Unit-III GNM 3rd Year Midwifery Notes PDF

Embryology & Foetal Development

Oogenesis, fertilization, spermatogenesis, & implantation; Fetal circulation; Embryology and the Fetal development Charts- Structure, function, liquor, abnormalities, Umbilical cord of Placenta & membranes; Structure, diameter, sutures & fontanel of fetal skull.
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Unit-IV GNM 3rd Year Midwifery Notes PDF

Normal Pregnancy & Its Management

History, signs & symptoms of pregnancy; Pre-conception care, Genetic counselling, physiological changes in spregnancy. Antenatal Care- History, calculation of the expected date of the delivery, Drugs and immunizations, Examination and investigation, Health Education and counselling; Minor disorders & their management
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Unit-V GNM 3rd Year Midwifery Notes PDF

Normal labour and its Management

Definition, signs & causes, stages of the onset of labour, True and false labour.
◉ The first stage of labour: Physiology, Monitoring using photography and its interpretation. Care of mother: physical and the psychological, Pain management, Setting up for labour room including the newborn corner.
◉ Second Stage: Mechanism and the Physiology; Monitoring; Conduction of the Normal delivery; Episiotomy; Essential newborn care
◉ Third stage: Physiology and signs; Active management of the third stage; Examination of the placenta; Episiotomy suturing
◉ Fourth stage: Physiology; Postpartum family planning; Care of the mother and baby.
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Unit-VI GNM 3rd Year Midwifery Notes PDF

Management of Newborn

Assessment, Apgar scoring, Examination for defects, physiological adaptation, Breast-feeding- BFHI, Care of Newborn- Skin, eyes, buttocks, etc. Bonding & the rooming-in, Minor disorders of newborns- skin, rashes, birthmarks, Infections of the eye, Infections, sore buttocks.
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Unit-VII GNM 3rd Year Midwifery Notes

Management of Normal Puerperium

Definition and objectives of care, Physiological changes, Postnatal counselling, Lactation and feeding, Care during puerperium- breast and perineal care, follow-up, postnatal exercise, postnatal examination, and the family welfare. Minor ailment and management, Family planning.
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Unit-VIII GNM 3rd Year Midwifery Notes

Management of Complications During Pregnancy

◉ Bleeding in pregnancy: Early and late, Ectopic pregnancy, Abortion, Antepartum haemorrhage, Vesicular mole; Pregnancy-induced hypertension- Preeclampsia & Eclampsia; Hyperemesis gravidarum, Pelvic inflammatory disease, Post maturity, Intrauterine death, Gestational diabetes mellitus; Hydromnios- poly and oligo, Intrauterine growth retardation.

◉ High-risk pregnancy:↪ Monitoring- NST, USG, Anaemia, Jaundice, Viral, Urinary tract infections, Heart diseases, Diabetes, AIDS and STDs, Elderly Primigravida, Multipara, Multiple pregnancies, Osteomalacia, Teenage pregnancy.
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Unit-IX GNM 3rd Year Midwifery Notes

Management of High-Risk Labour

◉ Malposition & malpresentation, Contracted pelvis, Abnormal uterine actions, Cervical Dystocia, Precipitate & prolonged labour, premature rupture of membranes & induction of labour obstructed labour, amniotic fluid embolism, obstetric shock, Obstetrics Emergencies-Cord prolapse, vasa Previa, cord presentation, rupture of the uterus, and the shoulder dystocia.
◉ Complications of the third stage- Retained placenta and membranes, Inversion of Uterus, Atonic uterus, Postpartum Hemorrhage, Injuries to the birth canal.
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Unit-X GNM 3rd Year Midwifery Notes

Management of Complications of Puerperium

Puerperal pyrexia, Puerperal Sepsis, the Breast abscess, and Puerperal psychosis, Thrombophlebitis and Embolism, Mastitis, Breast engorgement.
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Unit-XI GNM 3rd Year Midwifery Notes

High-Risk & Sick Newborn

Assessment, Nursing care, Asphyxia, RDS, Sepsis, Hypothermia, Management of newborns with- Hyperbilirubinemia, Neonatal hypoglycemia, Neonatal Convulsions, Rh incompatibility, Small for dates, Low birth weight, Preterm, Newborn of HIV positive mother, Levels of care in NICU, and the diabetic mother. Birth injuries Cephalhematoma Caput succedaneum Facial & Erb’s paralysis Torticollis Hemorrhage, Congenital anomalies.
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Unit-XII GNM 3rd Year Midwifery Notes

Obstetric Operations

Definition, indication and care of women undergoing, Induction of Clinical labour teaching, Amnio infusion, Manual removal of the placenta, Version, Vacuum extraction, Caesarean section, Sterilization, Destructive surgeries, Forceps delivery, Manual Vaccum aspiration, Dilatation& evacuation, Dilatation & curettage, Post-abortion care.
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Unit-XIII GNM 3rd Year Midwifery Notes PDF

Drugs Used in Obstetrics

Dose, side effects, action, contraindication, Indication and the responsibilities in the administration of- Oxytocin, Antihypertensives, Anticonvulsants, Uterotonics, Tocolytics, Anesthesia & analgesia; Drugs used for newborns, Teratogens- effects of drugs on mother & baby.
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Unit-XIV GNM 3rd Year Midwifery Notes

Ethical & Legal Aspects of Midwifery

Mother & the Child Tracking System Maternal and the newborn death review
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