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Medical Surgical Nursing 2 is a vital subject in gnm nursing 2nd-year syllabus, so the basic concepts must be clear. This medical surgical nursing notes pdf describes surgery, medicine, theories of illness and its causation.

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Medical Surgical Nursing 2 Note PDF
GNM 2nd Year Best Medical Surgical Nursing 2 Note PDF Free

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unit-wise Download Medical Surgical Nursing 2 GNM Notes PDF

The Medical Surgical Nursing 2 Notes PDF unit 1 is below. This short description indicates that the specified topic is included in this pdf Note.

Unit-I Medical Surgical Nursing 2 GNM Second Year Notes PDF

Unit-I is important topics are oncological conditions, epidemiology, and common malignancies of various body systems etc.

Oncology Nursing Notes

Patient management with the oncological conditions:- Structure and the characteristics of the normal & cancer cells; physical assessment and nursing assessment-history; prevention, early detection, screening, and warning signs of cancer.

Classification, aetiology, clinical Seminarmanifestations, epidemiology, diagnosis, staging and medical & surgical nursing management of oncological conditions.

Common malignancies of various body systems:- stomach and breast, liver, lung, ovary, oral, cervix, larynx, uterus, sarcoma, colon, leukaemias and lymphomas, brain, prostate, renal, bladder, etc.

Oncological emergencies. Modalities of treatment:- Immunotherapy, radiotherapy drug book assessment, surgical Interventions, bonemarrow transplants and stem cells, gene therapy discussion.

Palliative care:- Nutritional support, symptoms & pain management, Home care, hospice care, stomal Therapy, special therapies, psychosocial aspects, nursing procedures
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Unit-II Medical Surgical Nursing 2 GNM Second Year Notes PDF

This Medical Surgical Nursing ii pdf note includes all the topics mentioned in the INC-provided syllabus and syllabus of other universities

Nursing Management of Disorders of Breast

Assessment of breast:-physical examination, diagnostic tests & breast self-examination. Disorders of the breast:-mastitis, breast abscess, gynaecomastia, tumours and Malignancy of the breast; Nursing management of the patient after the mastectomy.
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Unit-III Medical Surgical Nursing 2 GNM Second Year Notes PDF

Nursing Management of Patients with Diseases & Disorders of Integumentary Systems

Nursing assessment:-history, physical examination; Aetiology, pathophysiology-clinical manifestations, Nursing management of disorders of the skin and its appendages:- lesions and abrasions, dermatoses;

infectious and Non-infectious; Infection and infestations dermatitis, Inflammatory dermatoses, acne vulgaris, allergies and eczema, psoriasis, malignant melanoma, Alopecia, Infestations, bacterial infections, pyoderma, impetigo, folliculitis, furuncles, carbuncles, viral infections, herpes zoster, herpes simplex, fungal infection;

athlete’s foot (Tanta Pedi’s), parasitic infestation, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, skin cancer, pediculosis, scabies, pemphigus, special dermatological therapies;

Burn & its management:- Burns plastic surgery, Incidence, causes of burns, types & classification of burns, pathophysiology, calculation of the percentage;

Plastic Surgery:-Define plastic & reconstructive surgery types define skin graft flaps, and possible complications, preparation of the patient for constructive surgery, postoperative care, and Health Education
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Unit-IV Medical Surgical Nursing 2 GNM Second Year Notes PDF

Ophthalmology And Ophthalmic Nursing Notes

Anatomy and physiology of the eye review, Assessment of the function of the eyes:- history, physical examination, Diagnostic tests-tonometry; Snellen’s chart;

Infections and Inflammations conditions:- blepharitis, style, chalazion, entropion, ectopion, dacryocystitis, conjunctivitis, trachoma, Pteridium, keratitis, corneal ulcer;

degenerative Conditions:-cataract, retinopathy, retinal detachment; miscellaneous:- strabismus, refractive errors, tumours, colour blindness, night blindness, preventive and Rehabilitative aspects,

National programs on blindness and trachoma, Current trends in the Management of Ophthalmic conditions:- Hospital corneal retrieval, grief counselling, eye collection, counselling, obtaining consent for eye donation;

Ocular Emergencies, Eye Immigration, Cold and hot compress, Installation of eye drops and ointment, Eye dressing and bandage, Assisting in the removal of foreign bodies, Drugs are used in the treatment of eye disorders.
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Unit-V Medical Surgical Nursing 2 GNM Second Year Notes PDF

Patients with Disorders and diseases of the Ear, Nose & Throat

Review of Anatomy and Physiology of Ear, Assessment of the function of the ear:- History, Ear examination, Diagnostic tests;

Diseases and disorders of the External ear:- Otitis, Foreign body, Impacted cerement, Furunculosis; Middle ear:- Otitis media, mastoiditis, perforation of the eardrum; Internal ear:- Presbycusis, labyrinthitis;

Meniere’s disease, otosclerosis deafness- Conductive deafness, Neural deafness; Tumours of the ear and the auditory nerve Insufflations of Eustachian tube Nose, Assessment of functions of the nose,

Diseases and disorders of the nose Infections:- Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Obstruction, Polyps Foreign body Deviated nasal septum; Trauma-fracture of nasal bones and epitaxies;

Review of Anatomy and physiology of Throat, Assessment of the function of the throat:- Examination of the throat, Diagnostic tests; Diseases & disorders of throat infections and inflammation:-Tonsillitis, pharyngitis, adenoiditis, laryngitis, tumours.
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Unit-VI Medical Surgical Nursing 2 GNM Second Year Notes PDF

Patients with Cardiovascular, Circulatory & Hematological Disorders

Cardio Vascular:- Anatomy & physiology review of the heart & circulatory system, Assessment of functions of the heart and vascular system:- Physical exam, Diagnostic tests;

Diseases and disorders of the cardiovascular systems:- Coronary Artery Disease, Arrhythmia, Valvular heart disease:- Mitral stenosis, Aortic stenosis, Incompetence, regurgitation, Tricuspid stenosis, Pulmonary stenosis

Inflammation and infections:- Pericarditis, Myocarditis, Endocarditis, Rheumatic fever; Heart block, The complications of heart disease:- Acute Heart failure (Pulmonary Edema), Chronic (Congestive Cardiac failure), Cardiogenic shock, Pericardial effusion, cardiac tamponade.

Vascular disorders:- Arterial disorders, Aneurysm, Berger’s disease (TAO), Arterial ulcers, Raynaud’s disease, Hypertension; venous disorder:- Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Venous insufficiency, Venous ulcer, Varicose vein, Cellulitis, Cellulitis, Lymphangitis & Lymphadenitis;

haematological disorders:- The Review of function and the structure of blood components, Disorders and the diseases of blood & its components, Drugs used in the treatment of haematology disorders and cardiovascular circulatory.
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Unit-VII Medical Surgical Nursing 2 GNM Second Year Notes PDF

Nursing Management of Communicable Diseases

Assessment:- Physical examination, Diagnostic tests, Review of infection, control, mode of transmission, and its prevention, Review of infection, control, mode of transmission, and its prevention,
Management of various infectious diseases caused by Viruses:- Measles, Chickenpox, Swine flu, Ebola, Dengue, Chicken guinea, Influenza, Mumps, Encephalitis, infectious hepatitis, Poliomyelitis, Rabies, AIDS. Caused by Bacteria, Vector-borne diseases, Alternate therapies, and Drugs are used for the treatment of communicable disorders.
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Unit-VIII Medical Surgical Nursing 2 GNM Second Year Notes PDF

Patients with Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Assessment:- history, physical examination, diagnostic tests; hygiene & sex health, syndromic management of the sexually transmitted disease, Gonotorrhoea, transmitted-Syphilis, diseases Venerium, chancroid granuloma, AIDS, genital herpes
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Unit-IX Medical Surgical Nursing 2 GNM Second Year Notes PDF

The Nursing Management of Patients with the Disease & Musculoskeletal Disorder

Review of the anatomy and physiology of the musculoskeletal system, Assessment:- History, Physical examination, Diagnostic tests, inflammations:- Septic arthritis, Gonococcal arthritis, Osteomyelitis,

Tuberculosis of the spine and bones, Sprains, Dislocations, Fracture of the spine and extremities; Degenerative conditions of joints, and spine, Tumours, prosthesis and amputation, Deformities-Congenital and acquired, Deformitiescongenital and acquired;

treatment of a patient, Care – Skin and skeletal traction, Orthopaedic splints; POP application and removal, Neurogenic bladder; preparation for bone surgery, Use of orthopaedic assist devices:- Crutches, Canes, Walker, Alternate therapies, Drugs used for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.
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Unit-X Medical Surgical Nursing 2 GNM Second Year Notes PDF

Emergency Management Notes

Scope and practice of emergency nursing and practice of emergency nursing, triage; medical-surgical emergencies, airways obstruction: haemorrhage; shock, allergies and anaphylactic reaction emergencies;

trauma-intra-abdominal, demonstration and the crush injuries, food poisoning, multiple injuries fractures, Inhaled poisoning, poisoning, Injected poisons-stinging insects, Snake bites chemical burns; Ingested poisoning, environmental emergencies-frostbite, heatstroke & hanging.
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Unit-XI Medical Surgical Nursing 2 GNM Second Year Notes PDF

Emergency and Disaster Nursing Notes

Natural calamities:- Flood, Earthquake, Volcanic eruptions; Man-made disaster:-Explosion
War, Accidents, Fire; Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency preparedness, Nurse’s role in disaster management.
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