Mental Health Nursing GNM 2nd Year Notes PDF Free Download

GNM Nursing 2nd Year Mental Health Nursing Notes pdf is made according to the syllabus and is formed in simple language. This is a complex subject in the gnm 2nd year. But you guys won’t worry here you will get all notes in PDF format Unit wise.

This gnm nursing 2nd-year mental health nursing notes pdf is free and helpful for all the gnm second-year nursing students.

GNM 2nd Year MHN syllabus is very helpful for clearing concepts and basic ideas. Those students will follow these notes and the mental health nursing gnm 2nd Year syllabus, we assure you that they will carry good marks in their academic exams.

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Mental Health Nursing Notes PDF
Mental Health Nursing GNM 2nd Year Notes PDF Free Download

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Unit-Wise Mental Health Nursing GNM 2nd Year Notes PDF Free Download

Here provided MHN all unit notes pdf according to topics. This short description indicates that the specified topic is covered in this PDF Note.

Unit-I Mental Health Nursing GNM 2nd Year Notes PDF

This MHN GNM 2nd Year Notes PDF includes all the topics that are mentioned in the syllabus and other major universities.

Introduction To Mental Health Nursing

Concept of mental health and mental illness, Concept of mental health and mental illness, Misconceptions related to mental illness, Principles of Mental Health Nursing, Definition of terms used in psychiatry, The Review of defense mechanisms, Mental Health Team
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Unit-II Mental Health Nursing GNM 2nd Year Notes PDF

History of Psychiatry

History of Psychiatric Nursing- India & at the international level, Trends in Psychiatric Nursing, National mental health program.
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Unit-III Mental Health Nursing GNM 2nd Year Notes PDF

Mental Health Assessment

Mental status examination, Psychiatry history taking, Interview technique.
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Unit-IV Mental Health Nursing GNM 2nd Year Notes PDF

Therapeutic Nurse-Patient Relationship

Therapeutic nurse-patient relationship:- Definition, components and phases, Importance. Communication skills, types, Definition elements, factors influencing communication, barriers (therapeutic impasse),
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Unit-V MHN gnm 2nd Year Notes PDF

Mental Disorders and Nursing Interventions

Psycho-Pathophysiology of human behaviour, Etiological theories (genetics, biochemical, psychological, etc), Classification of mental disorders, Disorders of memory thought,
motor activity, speech, perception, mood, concentration, and judgment. Prevalence, aetiology, signs and symptoms, prognosis, medical and Nursing, management.
Personality & Type of personality relate to the psychiatric disorder. Organic mental disorders:- Delirium and Dementia;
Psychotic disorders:- Schizophrenic disorders; Mood (affective) disorders:- Mania depression, and Bipolar affective disorders(BPAD),
Neurotic disorders:- Phobia, depressive neurosis, anxiety disorders, dissociative reaction, obsessive-compulsive disorders, conversion disorders, psychosomatic disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder;
Substance use and de-addiction:- alcohol, tobacco, and other psychoactive substances, Child and adolescent psychiatric disorders:- Sleep disorders, Eating disorders, Sexual disorders,
Nursing Management:- Nursing process and process recording in caring for patients with various types of psychiatric disorders.
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Unit-VI MHN gnm 2nd Year Notes PDF

Bio-Psycho & Social Therapies

Psychopharmacology-definition, antidepressant, antianxiety agents, antiparkinson and classification of drugs antipsychotic, antimanic, psychosocial therapies-individual therapies, family therapy, behavior therapy, group therapy, occupational therapy, and milieu therapy; roles of the nurse in these therapies, Somatic, insulin therapy, and electroconvulsive therapy.
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Unit-VII MHN gnm 2nd Year Notes PDF

Community Mental Health Notes

Concept, importance, and the scope; Attitudes, discrimination related to the mentally ill, and Stigma. Adolescence, Prevention of mental illness(preventive assignment psychiatry) during childhood, & adulthood, and old age; community mental health services. National Mental Health Program and the Role of the Nurse in psychiatric care in the Community.
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Unit-VIII MHN gnm 2nd Year Notes PDF

Psychiatric Emergencies and Crisis Intervention

Types of Psychiatric emergencies:- Active, underactive patient, and Violent behaviour. Suicide, Acute psychosis, adverse drug reactions, withdrawal symptoms, Crisis and its intervention: AIDS, and Adolescent Crisis.
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Unit-IX MHN gnm 2nd Year Notes PDF

Forensic Psychiatry / Legal Aspects

Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Act 1965, 1985; India Lunatic Act 1912, Mental Health Act 1987, 2014; Standards of psychiatric nursing practice, Admission and discharge procedures. rights of mentally ill patients, Legal responsibilities in the treatment of mentally ill patients.
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